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Serpent Sea Star cleaner building block - 2 Pack

Serpent Sea Star cleaner building block - 2 Pack

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Combine crabs, snails, shrimp, star fish, sea cucumbers and urchins with a nudibranch to build an efficient cleaning crew.

See the table for recommended packages for each tank volume.

See compatibility chart for participant interaction in your aquarium.

The Serpent Star is a beautiful addition to any aquarium but should be in larger aquariums as it can grow to a foot in width.

Category Invertebrate
Care Level Easy
Diet Carnivore
Size 12 Inches
Origin Florida
Trace Elements
Water Condition 72-78F, dkh 8-12, PH 8.1-8.4, sg 1.023-1.025
Water Flow Medium
Light Moderate
Reef Compatible Yes
Compatibility See Chart 

The Serpent Sea Star has a sleek physical build and stark coloration and long spindly arms that radiate from its central disc. It really provides an interesting color form and appetite. The bands of brown and red that dress the Serpent Sea Star arms give a unique beauty. The Serpent Star Fish is a carnivore that can clean up any uneaten meaty food it finds fallen throughout your aquarium.

It requires ample hiding places and plenty of room to roam. It is best kept in larger system since it can grow to 1 foot in diameter from arm tip to arm tip. 

The Serpent Sea Star is normally a nocturnal animal but may come out during the day to eat. The Serpent Sea Star should be fed small pieces of chopped meat, shrimp, mussel, or fish.  Serpent Sea Star should never be exposed to air while handling.