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Sea Cucumber cleaner building block - 2 pack

Sea Cucumber cleaner building block - 2 pack

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Combine crabs, snails, shrimp, star fish, sea cucumbers and urchins with a nudibranch to build an efficient cleaning crew.

See the table for recommended packages for each tank volume.

See compatibility chart for participant interaction in your aquarium.

The Florida Sea Cucumber will scavenge the bottom for detrain and algae. Should be limited to one per aquarium.

Category Invertebrate
Care Level Expert Only
Diet Omnivore
Size 4 Inches
Origin Florida
Water Condition 72-78F, dkh 8-12, PH 8.1-8.4, sg 1.023-1.025
Water Flow Medium
Light Moderate
Reef Compatible Yes
Compatibility See Chart 


The Florida Sea Cucumber is an excellent worker, scouring the substrate for detritis and organic matter. It is slightly knobby and usually has calico coloration, white with brown and black markings. Coloration is highly variable however and can be various shades and combinations of white, brown, black and even yellow in rare individuals.

Florida Sea cucumbers are often known as sand-sifting cucumbers. These cucumbers move along the bottom and use their sticky oral tentacles like mops to collect detritus, bacteria, microalgae and other food particles. It is best to limit cucumbers to one per tank. it is poisonous when stressed or dies.