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Sea Biscuit -Meoma Ventricosa

Sea Biscuit -Meoma Ventricosa

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The Sea Biscuit otherwise known as the Red Heart Urchin is an easy addition to the aquarium. It this very short spines.

Category Invertebrate
Care Level Easy
Diet Omnivore
Size Medium 2"-3"
Origin Florida
Calcium, Iodine
Water Condition 72-78F, dkh 8-12, PH 8.1-8.4, sg 1.023-1.025
Water Flow Medium
Light Medium
Reef Compatible Yes
Compatibility See Chart 


The Sea Biscuit, known by the common names cake urchin and red heart urchin, is a large species of sea urchin which lives in shallow waters in the Caribbean. It may reach a diameter of twenty centimeters and is covered in reddish-brown spines.