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Rock Flower Anemone - Blue & Pink -Epicystis crucifer

Rock Flower Anemone - Blue & Pink -Epicystis crucifer

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Rock Flower Anemones come in a variety of colors as shown in the list of products. Select the color combination you prefer and we will try to supply one as close to the picture as possible. They will be a single anemone about 1-2 inches in diameter.

Category Soft Corals
Care Level Moderate
Diet Carnivore
Size 1-2 Inches that can grow to 8 inches 
Origin Florida
Iodine, Trace Elements
Water Condition 72-78F, dkh 8-12, PH 8.1-8.4, sg 1.023-1.025
Water Flow Medium
Light Medium
Reef Compatible With Caution
See Chart


The Rock Flower Anemone originating from the Caribbean, these anemones are found in a wide array of colors, with the oral disc often being a different color than the rest of the anemone. 

The Flower Anemone can live singly or in groups. They prefer to live on shaded, vertical rock walls, or within the substrate. They will bury most of their body in the sand, with only the oral disc and tentacles showing. 

The Flower Anemone is a carnivore which requires meaty foods to survive. Offer mussels and freshly chopped fish meat, as well as high quality frozen foods. Adding iodine and trace elements to the aquarium will help the Flower Anemone thrive.